sarac_fara_adapostThe extremely cold weather that installed in Europe last week continues to claim lives; there have been at least 260 deaths until Saturday, states FPA. Ukraine and Poland are the most affected, with a total of 167 deaths.

In Ukraine, there have been 122 deaths so far.

In Poland, the total number of victims is 45.

Bosnia was also paralyzed on Saturday due to abundant snow; the snow layer reaching 1 meter in Sarajevo. The Croatian President, Ivo Josipovic and the Serbian one, Boris Tadic, were blocked in a hotel in Jahorina, a ski resort near Sarajevo, where a summit took place on Friday.

In Montenegro, a person died because of hypothermia.

In Romania, there have been 28 deaths so far.

In Bulgaria, the poorest UE country, the cold has killed 16 persons, most of them being from rural areas where they have been found frozen to death outside or inside their homes.

36 deaths have been registered in other Eastern Europe countries: 10 in Latvia, 9 in Lithuania, 7 in Serbia, 6 in the Czech Republic, 2 in Greece, 1 in Slovakia and 1in Macedonia.

In Russia, the temperatures have gone below -25°C in Moscow and -50°C in Oriental Siberia, at least 64 persons have died because of the cold weather on January 1st, according to authorities, but the victims of the current cold wave were not included.

In France, 2 persons have frozen to death, 2 Alzheimer's sufferers who went out of the house and did not know how to return.

In Italia, Rome continues to be paralyzed due to the abundant snow. Most parts of the peninsula have been affected, including Sardinia and Naples, where the weather claimed 5 lives.

In Germany, the temperatures were around -10°C on Saturday in most cities, and -16°C in Berlin.

In Austria, the thermometer showed -28°C in the mountainous areas from the center and the west. A man died in a car crash in the south of the country, there is a total number of 4 victims since the extremely cold weather installed.
In Great Britain, there were predicted snow falls especially in the center and south of England, whereas in Spain there were -13°C and a strong wind of over 100 km/h in some areas.
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