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The collaboration between the Ploieşti City Hall and the Austrian foundation Vier Pfoten regarding stray dogs' sterilization could go on in June 2009. According to the director of the Memorial Park Constantin Stere, Lucian Dibu, the representatives of the foundations have already sent a note with their schedule and they have announced that they are available starting June in order to continue the sterilization campaign. "This time they want to sign a contract on 52 days which means the sterilization of at least 1.000 dogs. The previous time they have stayed for 25 days and managed to neuter over 600 dogs. It all depends on the local councilors as they have to approve the new project”, declared Lucian Dibu. He has also stated that after the respective campaign, he still receives a lot of phone calls and e-mails from citizens who complain about the fact that stray dogs, although neutered, can still... bark, and that disturbs them.

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