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On Monday evening, an avalanche of officials witnessed the vesting of the prefect Radu Oprea and the sub-prefect Adrian Dobre. The ceremony took place at the Toma Caragiu Theatre in Ploieşti and it was assisted by Mircea Geoană, the President of the Senate, Adrian Năstase, Vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies, Gabriel Sandu, Minister of Communications, Dan Nica, Minister of Administration and Interior, together with other members of the Parliament and local elected officials.

Initially, the ceremony was supposed to take place on Monday, at noon, in the Administrative Palace, but it was postponed in order for the leaders of the Social-Democrat Party who had to arrive from Bucharest to be able to attend. The location was also changed, probably due to the fact that the social-democrats considered that the return to the leadership of the county should be marked by a quality show. The Minister Dan Nica read the two dispositions according to which the ex-prefect Doru Nechiti along with the ex sub-prefect Mircea Ioniţă had been vested in public positions of governmental inspectors, as well as those according to which Radu Oprea and Adrian Dobre were vested prefect, and, respectively, sub-prefect.

"I am asking you to exert your position as a prefect in the interest of the citizens from this county, in the sense that, at any given moment, the agenda of the inhabitants of Prahova County to be the same as your agenda”, Dan Nica transmitted to the new prefect.
The two new chiefs of the Prefecture have quickly proven that they still have a lot to learn in order to be imposing in front of their collaborators. Oprea and Dobre's stuttered speeches put a smile on the faces of the 150 guests.
To save the ceremony, the Minister Gabriel Sandu announced that a collaboration partnership was signed with the Mayor Andrei Volosevici and that the Ploieşti Municipality will become a "digital town”. Moreover, he asked the President of the County Council, Mircea Cosma, to perform an inventory of the informational system in the following 10 days for Prahova to become the first completely informatized county.
Even though the leaders of the Social-Democrat and Democrat-Liberal Parties officially claim that the coalition functions properly, in Prahova, the members of the SDP and D-LP sat separately at the vesting ceremony. The democrat-liberals sat around the Mayor Andrei Volosevici, who is seen as the leader of the branch in the absence of Roberta Anastase. On the other hand, the social-democrats were separated into numerous groups. In one corner, some gathered around Mircea Cosma, the chief of Prahova County Council, in another corner others gathered around the deputy Marian Săniuţă, the leader of the Social-Democrat Party in Prahova.

A Young Administration in Prahova

The newly appointed prefect Radu Ştefan Oprea is 38 years old, he is an engineer and, until now, he has occupied the position of administrator of the group URBAN ICIM, specialized in civil and industrial constructions. "I am a man of action and I do believe that one can be a player-prefect, because I want to prove that a high-performance management can happen at the Prefecture”, Radu Oprea declared.
The sub-prefect Adrian Dobre is 33 years old, he is an economist, and, until now, he has occupied the function of commercial director at a private firm and he has also been a municipal councilor. "During the 8 months that I have spent as a councilor in Ploieşti Local Council, I observed that the majority of problems with which the citizens are confronted come from the administrative area, and, consequently, in this period of time I could form an opinion on what the domain of local administration exactly means, and where to act in order to identify solutions”, Adrian Dobre declared.  The average age of the new team from the Prahova Prefecture is of 38 years.



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