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Over 200 new parking places will be created in the central area of the town. The municipality is working on a project which supposes that the street between the "7 storey” Block and the one near the Palace of Culture has this purpose. The plans have been made public by the Mayor of Ploiesti Andrei Volosevici himself in a press meeting. "We are still designing a parking place in the Coreco area.

Practically, the street between the "7 storey” Block and Coreco will be closed, as well as the one near the Palace of Culture, both of them having this purpose”, Volosevici said. Thus, the downtown and Coreco bus stations will be moved near the park situated in front of the Central Market Hall (Halele Centrale), and opposite Dalkia a small bus terminal will be built with two platforms for the routes 22, 5 and 4. Also, a project regarding a multi-storey parking lot instead of the one located in front of Prahova Hotel is also included in the investment budget for the year 2009.

Andrei Volosevici has also announced that he will have a discussion with those from the Taxicab Chamber as the chaos associated with their parking places must end. "We have to act legally, though. There are certain norms to be respected”, he mentioned, referring to the fact that taxi drivers do not take into account the number of parking places which are assigned to them. "The extra taxis will have to disappear starting Wednesday, they will have to move to other parking lots which are not situated in the central area, otherwise they will be fined”, Volosevici added.

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