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They pay a reasonable amount of money in order to live in the social homes which they most often than not destroy. However, the majority of them have a much more considerable fortune than the one presented in the files of Communitary Social Services Administration (ASSC) Ploieşti. This is the idea belonging to the mayor Andrei Volosevici.

He has stated that many luxurious cars can be found in the parking lot of the social block of flats on Cătinei Street. He is certain that the respective cars belong to the tenants and he will ask the Court of Accounts if it affords to pay a private eye firm in order to track the tenants and their cars. Doina Capuz, the director of CSSA Ploieşti, has been asked if she has any idea of the tenants' cars and she replied that she often checks the social homes and those inhabiting them, and if they match with the names from the lists of the City Hall. "I was there recently and I did not see any car, but maybe there weren't any parked there. I do not know what to say, usually people tell on each other if there were such problems”, Doina Capuz stated.

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