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Even though it has successfully withstood all pressures within the last four years, the Government led by Călin Popescu Tăriceanu seems to start shaking. The teachers' salary raise has triggered numerous claims, thing without precedent in the Post-December history of this country.

The National Alliance of the Unions Sed Lex and the City Hall employees throughout the country have announced that today they will launch a general strike as a consequence of the failed negotiations with the Minister of Finance. The members of the Union have requested a salary increase similar to that of the teachers', of 50%. The members of the Union from Prahova County have also decided to join the protest of their colleagues.

Aurel Fănică, the Sed Lex Prahova leader within the Prahova Public Finances General Department, has announced that today, from 8 o'clock a.m. to 10.00 o'clock a.m., a warning strike will be launched, ceasing the entire activity of the financial departments and City Halls. The dissatisfaction of the public clerks is related to the teachers' salary raise of 50% and, at the same time, to the refusal of the Government to offer the same raise to other state employees.

"The activity of the public administration will be blocked if the Executive does not find a solution to increase the salaries of the public clerks with 50%, for the average income to be, starting with November 1st, 1.300 lei instead of 850 lei”, Aurel Fănică declared. The President of the National Alliance of the Unions Sed Lex, Vasile Marica, has declared that over 100.000 public clerks affiliated to Sed Lex and the Local Administration Federation will block the activity from the treasury, pension offices, City Halls, basically everything that implies desks and counters.

Aurel Fănică agrees with the decisions taken by the Sed Lex national leader: "We shall skip the preliminary stages of the general strike. The law allows us to do this, if we notify the authorities in due time. Both the authorities, and the citizens will be informed, at a national level, of our measure, on Tuesday and Wednesday.” Aurel Fănică added. He also stated that the triggering of the work conflict is conditioned by the refusal of the Members of the Government to increase the salaries with 50%. "I have not assessed the financial consequences of this general strike, yet I fear that Romania can be thrown into chaos”, Fănică added.

Out of the 20.000 Union members that participated in the march and meeting organized on Tuesday by the Union confederations because of the International Day of Decent Work, over 500 have come from Prahova. " A number of 100 Union members have taken part in this action and they have left Ploieşti in two coaches, while another 100 persons have come by car” declared Gheorghe Neaga, President of CNSLR „Frăţia” Prahova. "The action of October 7th is not the last one, but is part of a series of manifestations that aim at focusing on the concept of decent work and workers' rights, and the Romanian confederations have thus joined the Unions throughout the world that celebrated the International Day of Decent Work.

On behalf of BNS a 100 persons participated, and they left in two coaches”, said Costin Aldescu, President of BNS Prahova. The BNS leaders have stated that the protests will continue, and that, together with the Work Department representatives, they are going to verify the observance of the collective labour contracts.

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