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The Valea Prahovei liberal deputy, Cristian Burlacu, accuses the ministry led by Elena Udrea that it does not support green tourism in Romania, and the government proves to act unprofessionally when treating certain significant topics, such as the introduction of an ecologic etiquette with the aim of promoting and developing a sustainable tourism. "Dazed and intrigued”, the MP labels the motive invoked by the MT representative to be "childish” as the respective legislative initiative was rejected although it would have meant a breath of fresh air for the Romanian tourism.

"We simply cannot accept the childish reason given by the representative of the Ministry of Tourism, and we cannot comprehend the double measure used by the current power. On one hand, they declare themselves to be fervent supporters of certain fiscal measures that give support to small enterprisers, such as the lack of taxes for the reinvested profit, and on the other hand, when everything is set, they back out. This inconsistency is harmful first of all for the business environment which is currently in need of fiscal instruments to support their activity”, shows a press release of the deputy who considers his initiative "politized and blocked by the power representatives”.

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