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A step forward in the Ploieşti Hippodrome trial. It is the trial in which Ploieşti City Hall requested the annulment of the contract and penalties of over 500.000 euro for missed deadlines, while Ippodromi requested the annulment of the concession contract and compensations of 1.3 million euro for the investments - an expert accountant has proven the fact that Ippodromi & Citta, the concessionary of the Ploieşti Hippodrome has spent 1.3 million euro on direct and indirect investments.

This expertise shall be presented today before the Court, during a new law-term of this controversial trial. As the Mayor Andrei Volosevici declared, the accounting survey has revealed the fact that the Italians made investments of 43 billion old lei, out of which 27 billions represent direct investments. However, for this survey to be complete, the expertise of a construction inspector is needed in order to certify that the investments meet certain quality standards. Besides this examination, the trial was rather short. "By appeal, our contract annulment request was allowed together with the concessionary's annulment request”, Volosevici declared.

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