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If everything goes according to the plan, a 7 million euro mall will appear in Vălenii de Munte. According to Mediafax, the investors are Emil and Marius Cristescu, owners of the Bega Group, who want to build a mall comprising of commercial galleries and two supermarkets. Still, at the level of the Văleni City Hall, the identity of the owner is unknown. +"The manager of Sticloval came, because that is the location, and he showed me the project.
It is a nice design and we are in need of something like this. But when I asked him who exactly the investor is, he did not answer. They received a town planning certificate from us and the zone town plan and the authorizations are next. I repeat, I still do not know who the investor is because the manager refused to tell me”, declared Mircea Niţu, Mayor of Vălenii de Munte.

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