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Those who purchased an apartment in Ploieşti last year have lost no less than 10.000 euro. That is why, a three-room apartment, comfort I, situated downtown, estimated at no less than 150.000 euro last year, this year costs only 135.000. The further one goes in uptown neighbourhoods, the more the prices drop. The representatives of the real estate agencies think that the prices shall decrease even more as winter approaches. Moreover, they state that the new norms of the National Bank regarding population loans are to blame for the current situation as they limit the possibilities of buying a new house, especially in the case of young persons.

The apartments from the communist blocks, cheaper and cheaper

"People are no longer willing to spend 1.300 euro on square meter for an apartment in a building older than 30 years, when they can receive the same offer for an apartment bought in a new residential unit” explained Alina Oprea, representative of a local real estate agency. Moreover, real estate agencies state that last year, apartment prices were artificially increased and now the offers have started to drop. As a result, currently, a three-room apartment, comfort I, with improvements, in a good area of a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Ploieşti can be bought with only 72.000 de euro, while with the same sum of money one can buy a two-room apartment, comfort I, downtown. Specialists consider that these apartments will cost approximately 65.000 euro in the next few months. The farther one goes from the centre, the more the prices decrease. For example, in the case of a two-room apartment, comfort II, in the West neighbourhood the tendency is for the prices to reach 50.000 euro, until winter. Only the studio apartments downtown represent an advantageous deal for sellers, at about 60.000 euro, while those in the suburbs are 40.000 euro, but as winter approaches, the real estate agents forecast that their price will go as low as 30.000 euro.

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