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Within the last meeting of the Ploieşti Local Council there has been debated the acquisition of an electronic system of controlling and ordering the population that comes to pay the local taxes and fees. The machine was brought by a firm from Focşani 4 months ago in order to be tested. In this period, the system has proven to be efficient, therefore SPFL Ploieşti asked for a budget adjustment of 750 million old lei to purchase this system that prevents the forming of queues. The electronic system is formed by a touch screen and a command key and shortens the waiting time for the tax payer who benefits from the services of the institution, and also the answer of the public clerk from the counter, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.
"People are pleased with the system and that is why we thought that it would be better to purchase it. We could have also rented it, but this would have cost more on the long term than the machine itself. After the money is allocated, we will start the acquisition procedure. The firm from Focşani is the only bidder, we have received no other offers” declared the chief of SPFL Ploieşti, Ion Marina.

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