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Pa&Co, a firm controlled by the "asphalt king”, the business man Costel Căşuneanu, was fined last week by Prahova police officers for the infernal traffic it caused on Ploieşti West ring road. For almost a week, lines of vehicles can be spotted in the area, reaching a length of more than 5 kilometers on both ways. The nerves of the drivers caught in traffic on the West ring road are stressed due to the works executed by Pa&Co for the increasing of the circulation capacity on DN1with E60.

Traffic disturbed

More exactly, on Tuesday, during rush-hour, Căşuneanu's employees restricted the traffic on several kilometers, disturbing the circulation on the West ring road. Shortly after, a real traffic jam was created in the area, lines of vehicles being stuck there on more than 5 kilometres from both ways. Moreover, Căşuneanu's people imposed traffic restrictions without meeting the stipulations of the notice issued by the Ministry of Transport, Romania Highway and National Roads Company, MIRA and IGPR when the works had begun. Moreover, the firm had started the works without submitting the request and afferent documentation in order to obtain the approval for the restrictions.

All in all, the company did not even bother to announce the works at the IGPR Police Road Department, or at IPJ Prahova Road Police Service, according to the traffic management elaborated and approved in this respect. For all these, Căşuneanu's firm was sanctioned by police officers with no less and no more than a 50 points fine, 2.700 lei respectively.

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