Categorie: Economic

Last week, in Proviţa de Jos a dairy factory made with Sapard funds was inaugurated. The factory lies on a surface of 3.500 mp, a terrain taken in concession from the Proviţa de Jos City-hall, and it has state of the art equipment. The factory has a reception hall for milk raw material, a milk pasteurization hall, a viscous products production hall: yoghurt, sour cream, milk, a cheese fabrication hall: salted cheese, soft cow cheese, two stations in which the emptying and labelling of the products is done, four refrigerating depots, a delivery hall, a physical-chemical laboratory for the vetenerian, an osmosis station, a thermal plant and several depots. The milk that will be processed, will be collected from the commune and from the near-by areas. The total value of the project is of 1.642 000 euro (50% SAPARD programme and 50 % investors). As a result of this investment, 14 persons have been hired so far.

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