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The main car dealers in the County have been quite busy in the past few months due to the clients' requests of purchasing convertible and off-road cars.

The lists have been filled in since April, and the requests kept coming including in July. Luxurious cars are of special interest to those eager to spend a significant amount of money, and who can also afford a season car, for which they have to pay from 10 to 15% more compared to a classic non-convertible model. "In order to cope with the new requests, we have made supplies in this respect. Convertible cars are mostly bought during summer, when they are fashionable. Still, off-road car models are as successful as the convertible ones.

This season, the most sought after car was the 2008 Audi A3, which, if convertible, costs with approximately 15% more than the normal model” explained Marius Ba­tariga, Head of Sales Department in a local car dealer shop. He thinks that these types of cars are sought after because they are impressive in traffic, and the experience of driving them is also impressive. "It is something to drive with the blue sky above you, and the comfort is clearly assured by the difference in cost.

Moreover, we offer a test drive for all convertible models. And I truly say to you that whoever test-drives such a car, can hardly refrain from buying it, and surely becomes a potential client”, Batariga added. Off-road models, as well as Sedans, have been also requested. "We have successfully sold the A4 model, not necessarily the deluxe version, as it is commonly perceived by Romanians, but the Sedan one, and also the C4, the off-road type”, Batariga explained. At the same time, in order to draw customers, car dealers offer attractive discounts, as well as RCA policies with a convenient ratio of price to damage coverage.

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