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At the beginning of this week, the headquarters of Bărcăneşti City Hall, as well as the premises of the Cultural Centre, have been demolished in order to make way for the Bucharest-Braşov highway. In no more than three quarters of an hour, the building built in 1902 has been torn down, leaving a working space of 2 km for the builder.

Two machines have turned the two buildings into debris because were in the way of the construction. Although the building was very old and in need of constant repairs, the Mayor of the locality has watched the operation with regret. "I have stayed 19 years in that building. I cannot act as if nothing has happened and feel nothing. But life goes on and, anyway, at a certain moment, it is necessary that we move in a new headquarters.”, declared Gheorghe Dima, the Mayor of Bărcăneşti.

The City Hall employees have temporarily moved into another building and its rent value of 1.500 Euro a month shall be paid by the Prahova County Council. As for the archive, it has been moved into several rooms of boarding school belonging to the local high school. Mircea Cosma, President of Prahova County Council, witnessed the demolition and declared that, in this moment, out of the 11 expropriators whose houses will be torn down, 10 desire a new house while the other wishes to be compensated with the respective sum of money.

Mircea Cosma also stated that by June 1st 2009 those 10 houses will have been built in order for the people to move in, and the old buildings demolished. Another victim of the excavators was the fence of the City Hall neighbouring houses, and now the people fear that thieves could sneak in their households. No sooner had the dust resulted from the demolition disappeared, than some of the people started to gather the wood and iron debris.

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