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"It is hard to believe that in Buşteni, Azuga and Comarnic the works will be rendered in due time. I do not know whether the SAMTID will be finished or not.”

This is the latest statement of Mircea Cosma, President of Prahova County Council, regarding the SAMTID programme. Moreover, Cosma has declared that the constructor has incurred penalties of 10% a day out of the 12 million Euros, sum which represents the current value of the contract. "Starting October 1st, the County Council diagram shall be modified, meaning that several persons will be dismissed.

I am referring to four County Council employees: Mădălina Stan, Director of the Implementing Unit and many others who have been involved in this programme but have done nothing at all in order to finish it in time. We are in this situation because of the indolence and carelessness of the Implementing Unit. Then, the City Halls have not supported the works either.

The Mayor of Comarnic has fined the constructors with 25.000 Euros instead of helping them. The Mayor should not have carry out the asphalt works with 40 cm concrete due to electoral reasons and then not allow the constructor to remove it. Now the constructor is suing the City Hall and so on and so forth, when it should be working”, Mircea Cosma declared. The European Union shall take back the funds if the deadline of November 30th is not met.

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