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The road to the 1.400 Height Sinaia was blocked on Saturday for several hours due to the drivers that entered the respective section, which was covered with snow, without proper winter equipment. Approximately 80 cars, including an ambulance, were stuck in traffic because of the unfavourable weather conditions. After the intervention of a snow removal vehicle, the traffic came back to normal on Saturday afternoon.

Still, the respective section causes problems for drivers, as mountaineers park their cars on both sides of the road. The mayor Vlad Oprea declared, on sight, that "among the vehicles that were blocked there was also an ambulance solicited to attend a tourist who injured himself while sleighing on the slope from the 1.400 Height”. Oprea added that he did not understand why the ambulance crew chose to climb the mountain on that route, and not by cable gondola, as they have priority over other people when using such means of transport. Vlad Oprea also stated that "the road that leads to 1.400 Height was firstly blocked on the way down, and then was blocked on the way up, a few minutes later.”

The mayor of Sinaia complained about the lack of involvement on behalf of the Road Police, as local authorities have announced repeatedly that this road is often blocked, especially at the weekend, due to tourists who ignore traffic rules. This is not the first time that the road connecting Sinaia resort to the 1.400 Height cannot be used. Local authorities refuse to remove the snow, recommending tourists to climb the mountain using the cable gondola or the cable cart.


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