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The Public and Private Domain Administration (ADPP) Ploieşti will hire 60 unemployed persons from the municipality for different activities which aim at the development of the local community. Thus, during the meeting on Tuesday, Ploieşti Local Council has approved the hiring of 60 persons who are on the lists of the County Agency for Manpower Occupation as they do not currently have a job and would work for PPDA. These people will contribute to the sanitation and arrangement of the green spaces, cemeteries, extension of cultivated surfaces etc. Moreover, the local councilors have approved the payment from the local budget of the difference unsubsidized by CAMO (AJOFM), including the social insurance contributions, for all 60 workplaces, in conformity with the stipulations of art.79 (2) from Law no.76/2002 regarding the system of unemployment insurances and stimulation of manpower occupation. The appointment of the unqualified workers for the period March 1st - December 31st 2009 means an effort of 191.040 lei for the local budget, and the incomes drawn from CAMO represent 259.680 lei. The respective unqualified workers will receive the national minimum wage, without benefiting from other increases or rights settled by the collective labour contract applicable at institution level.

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