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On Tuesday morning, the commissaries from the Prahova Financial Guard and the police officers from Prahova have "captured” in traffic, on DN 1 B in the locality Albeşti Paleologu, a utility car containing 78 packs of tobacco weighing 2.5 tons, without any provenience papers; the value of the unpaid taxes rising to 220.000 euro at a first evaluation. The vehicle was coming from Ploieşti and it seems that it was heading for Râmnicul Sărat when it was stopped in traffic for a routine check of the cargo and the afferent papers. The truck was accompanied by a car which was also stopped for check. The driver of the truck declared that he was carrying bran, although there were no provenience papers for this product either. The police officers discovered 78 tobacco packs behind 27 bran sacks, the tobacco being ready to be manufactured into cigarettes. Out of the 2.5 tons of tobacco, approximately 4 million cigarettes could have been made. The two drivers from Bucharest are interrogated by the police officers and the commissaries from the Financial Guard Prahova in order to establish the provenience of the cargo and uncover their entire infraction, as they are charged with excise products traffic, respectively tobacco, with the aim of commercializing them, and this is punished by imprisonment from 3 to 12 years.

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