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The local councilors have voted the passing of the green spaces surrounding the blocks of flats in the care of the landlord associations from Ploieşti. The initiative of the mayor Andrei Volosevici is not the only one - even since the previous mandate, there have been a lot of discussions between local authorities and landlord associations. Thus, according to the new law project, the respective associations will attend to these green spaces previously arranged by ADPP Ploieşti. Moreover, to ensure a good care, SC Apa Nova Ploieşti will make the water connections necessary to water these spaces, and the water will be paid by the associations. The project also stipulates that sanctions be applied to associations who do not attend to this. Thus, the inhabitants who refuse to garden the greens spaces can be fined with sums between 500 and 2.000 lei by the Communitary Police or the mayor and its commissioners. As expected, the representatives of the landlord associations have pros and cons concerning this project. Some say that fines could have been given until now, but the Communitary Police did nothing in this respect, while others claim that nobody can make them plant flowers in front of their block. "I can hardly find the time to clean my own home, not to mention the garden in front of my block, although I would like it. I'd rather pay ADPP to come and do the gardening”, declares Brânduşa M., one of the inhabitants of Ploieşti who are suspicious about this project.

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