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The poor job supply of the local employers, as well as the unattractive salaries have more and more determined Prahova inhabitants to look for a job in other counties, but mostly in the Capital.

The situation is proven by the statistics of the County Agency for Manpower Occupation which indicate that no less than 67 persons, who are registered in the agency data base, have a job in another county, and have changed their residence as well. They have benefited from an installation bonus for a distance greater than 50 kilometers. According to the law, in the case of a distance of 50 kilometers or more from their stable residence, the persons benefit from an untaxable installation bonus equal to two gross minimum wages, guaranteed on payment.

Moreover, those who have received unemployment benefits and moved to another locality, changing their residence as well, were also given an installation bonus from the budget of unemployment insurances, equal to seven gross minimum wages guaranteed in payment on the respective date. In order to benefit from these financial incentives, unemployed persons have to address local agencies and AJOFM Prahova work points within maximum 12 months from the installation.

As for the number of Prahova inhabitants that commute daily in order to receive a better salary, the representatives of the agency claim that the respective salary is definitely bigger, as the cases mentioned above refer only to persons from the data base of the institution.

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