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The preparations for the Euro-parliamentary elections on the 7th of June are close to an end; in a few days, after an electoral campaign which looked like an undercover presidential campaign, Romanians will elect the 33 European deputies to represent their interests at Strasbourg.

This weekend brings the ballot for the euro-parliamentary elections. Thus, on Sunday, Romanians will decide who exactly of the seven political organizations - PNL, UDMR, PD-L, PSD+PC, PNŢCD, PFC and PRM - and the two independent candidates, the younger daughter of the head of the state, Elena Băsescu, and the former president of the National Anti-Drug Agency, Pavel Abraham, will reach the European Parliament. Unlike the elections in November, when people had the right to vote only in the locality of residence, now, following an Emergency Order, people will be allowed to vote in any ballot section from the country as long as they have their ID card on them.

As for the electoral campaign ending on June 6th at 07.00 o'clock, it has represented an occasion for the Social Democrat Party and the National Liberal Party to promote, undercover, their candidates for the presidential elections to come. Thus, the social-democrat leader, Mircea Geoană, and the liberal one, Crin Antonescu, have officially announced their candidature for Cotroceni and they have taken advantage of the Euro-elections to consolidate their image for the future presidential race. On the other hand, Traian Băsescu, although he has not made yet any official announcement in this respect, he has implied that he is planning to win a new president mandate. We mention the fact that the ballot on June 7th will be on a national list, each party having a classification of those aspiring to reach the EP, with a 5% electoral threshold.

The first 3 places on the list of the Democrat-Liberal Party are occupied by Theodor Stolojan, first-vice president of the party, Monica Macovei, former Minister of Justice, and Cristian Preda, president Băsescu's councilor. The list of the social-democrats is opened by Adrian Severin, followed by Rovana Plumb and Ioan Mircea Paşcu, while that of the liberals is led by women - Norica Nicolai, Adina Vălean and Renate Weber. Also, PNL is the only party having on an eligible second place a person from Prahova County, Adina Vălean, who has been a Euro-parliamentarian in the previous mandate.

The three places on the UDMR list are occupied by Laszlo Tokes, Iuliu Winkler and Sogor Csaba, while, Corneliu Vadim Tudor, leads the PRM list after an agreement with George Becali who got the second place.

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