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Cosma threatens with dismissals Recently returned from the European Week of regions and cities, an annual event organized by the European Commission and the EU Regions Committee, the president of the Prahova County Council was astonished by the fact that Prahova County has not submitted any project on structural funds in Brussels. There are posted only 13 projects on the County Council website, and they are in different application stages, but the majority of them are far from being submitted. "In Brussels there was no project sent by Prahova and this is due to the indolence from institutions. There are 28 positions in the European Integration Department, as 3 clerks have already resigned. From now on, the employees in this department which shall be named The Department of Post Integration Funds Absorption will have to design projects in order to earn their salaries. The one that is not able to do this is free to go. Any person is replaceable” Cosma declared. Only one of the 13 projects to access structural funds is in an advanced stage, the financing contract being signed a month before. It is the MORE4NRG project which has as main purpose the realization of an energetic strategy at county level with emphasis on renewable energies and good pratices transfer from the partner regions. Besides Prahova County Council, the Dutch province Flevoland is also an applicant, hence the greater seriousness for submitting this project. When they are ready, those 13 projects shall draw 224 million euros.



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