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11 communes and 3 towns have received money from Prahova County Council to repair the county and communal roads. Because the electoral campaign has started, the subject has created some rumours in the meeting hall. 

The CC management has been attacked from all sides by the county electives, stating that they received money based on political criteria, as a result of the agreements between parties. Mircea Cosma, the CC president, has claimed that the 230 billion old lei coming from the Government have been distributed for the roads affected by the highway or by the Samtid programme. Out of the 23.000 lei, Albeşti Paleologu has received 3 billion lei, Balta Doamnei - 2 billion lei, Berceni - 400 millions, Ciorani - 2 billion lei, Cocorăştii Misli - 2 billion lei, Gherghiţa -2 billion old lei, Olari - 2 billion old lei, Podenii Noi - 3 billion old lei, Puchenii Mari - 200 millions old, Râfov - 1.6 billion old lei and Surani - 800 million old lei.

Băicoi has received 600 million old lei for roads; Plopeni has received 800 million old lei, and Urlaţi - 1.1 billion old lei. The PNG representatives have declared that Măneşti is not present in the decision, although on its territory there are 3 gravel pits where earth is carried for the highway, this absence proving the fact that the distribution of the money was not correctly done. Several electives have been revolted that Urlaţi received 25 billion old lei for Samtid, and Buşteni has received a lot according to the Government decision, that is 38 billion old lei, which leads to funds limitation for other localities.

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