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Categorie: Politic

The electoral campaign has begun. Officially!!! After the fuss of the local elections, I wonder what comes next. The candidates keen on "door-to-door” will pay us visits. They will ask us what salary we have, if the money is enough to get by, if we want to visit Paris or shop in Milan, if we have a car or if we want to fly to Mars. They will knock on our doors, and greet on the street. We will be tricked by a smile and a bag of sugar and oil. We have been living the illusion of wealth and prosperity for 30 days.

We feel important especially since tens of Parliament candidates assault our markets, parking lots, the staircases of our blocks and the children playgrounds. They are delighted by our daily bitterness and promise us everything. Salaries, pensions, houses, allowances, highways, roads, schools. We shall have all the benefits in the world, and when they see that the vain promises are no longer heard or believed, "small” electoral gifts will appear.

Coloured bags, green, red, orange, yellow bags... full of sugar, oil, flour, calendars, pens, lighters, agendas, phones, flowerpots, buckets, caps, T-shirts, trips, cars or even money. We will understand that the electoral programmes are good according to the weight of the bag. Or that of the basket. In 30 days we will learn slogans and be amazed to find out that the deputy X shops at the North Marketplace, and the senator Y takes his kid daily to school. Or that Z walks his dog in the park from your neighbourhood. God, how much attention is paid to us! We are the most important people on the Planet! But too bad, the spell will last 30 days.

That is it... like in the Romanian fairytales, the miracle lasts a month and it is over. Then, we will remain with our big keep, with our expensive gas, without playgrounds, without sugar, oil, cars, or politicians. They will lock themselves in Ceauşescu's palace and get out of there in four years. Rounder, richer and more interested in obtaining our vote. Though I ask myself... Is it worth to celebrate the month of presents a month earlier? Do we get the presents or not? I'm waiting to see that citizen who smacks the politician with the bag and refuses his or her electoral bribe. Will it ever happen?

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