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The elections for the European Parliament will take place on June 7th according to an order approved by the Executive last Wednesday in a meeting. Last week, the Government adopted an emergency order by which it modified and completed the Law 33/2007 referring to the organization and development of the elections for the European Parliament.

According to the new stipulations, the parties, the political alliances and the national minorities' organizations can associate at a national level, based on a protocol, in order to constitute an alliance to participate in the euro-parliamentary elections. An electoral alliance that has participated in previous elections, regardless of their purpose, has the right to keep its name if its components are still the same. Another stipulation forbids the employment of youngsters under the age of 16 as distributors or placers of electoral propaganda materials.

Other new regulations impose that each party, political or electoral alliance, and each citizens' organization belonging to a national minority participating in the elections, or each independent candidate, places only one electoral poster on an electoral board. The posters that combine colours in a succession reminding of the flag of Romania or any other state are strictly forbidden. The mayors are obliged to establish special places for the electoral posters and boards.

Adina Vălean, the only candidate who has announced participation in the poll

The Government has also approved the calendar programme for the completion of the actions necessary for the election of the Romanian members in the EP. Thus, in maximum 15 days from the announcement of the reference day, but not after March 23rd 2009, the ballot sections will be delimited. With at least 60 days before this reference day, but not after April 8th 2009, the electoral signs will be communicated to the Central Electoral Office, whereas the submitting and registration of the candidatures will take place until April 8th 2009, 0.00 hour. Also, April 8th represents the starting date for the electoral campaign, which will end on June 6th at 7.00 o'clock.
Romania will send 33 representatives in the European Parliament, compared to 35 at present.

The parties have already begun to designate candidates, so far, the only one from Prahova being the liberal Adina Vălean. The candidates lists for the European Parliament elections in June must be accompanied by a minimum of 200.000 supporter signatures and must ensure the representation of both sexes, while the number of candidates on each list can surpass the number of mandates in the EP with maximum 10 places.

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