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The epic of the chairs from the Chamber of Deputies seems to draw to an end. Starting Monday, the vice-president Adrian Năstase no longer sits next to the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberta Anastase; the seats from the left, respectively right, are reserved for the vice-presidents Ioan Oltean and Daniela Popa. The chief of the democrat-liberals from Prahova has attacked Năstase in an interview given to a central daily paper, stating that he represents a "brand only in Mizil, where he managed to buy his parliamentary chair with several products”.

Roberta Anastase and Adrian Năstase have no longer sat near each other at the meeting of the Standing Bureau; they sat at a chair's distance from each other, as the vice-president Daniela Popa separated them. Thus, starting Monday, at the presidium of the leadership forum in the Chamber of Deputies, Daniela Popa and Adrian Năstase will be seated at Roberta Anastase's right, and, at her left, Ioan Oltean and Bogdan Olteanu. The change took place after the meeting of the Standing Bureau last Wednesday when the president Roberta Anastase refused to sit next to Adrian Năstase, as he "exerts his power by the means of formalisms”. In his turn, the social-democrat deputy Adrian Năstase, asked if he has intimidated Roberta Anastase, answered: "I might intimidate her only from an intellectual point of view”.


At the beginning of this week, Roberta Anastase has proven that she is far from being intimidated by the personality of the president of the National Council of the Social Democrat Party, stating in an interview given to a daily newspaper that he "does not represent something in his own party or in the SDP-CP union”. "Adrian Năstase is fooling himself into believing that he represents something for the Romanian politics. He may be a brand in Mizil, where he managed to buy his parliamentary chair with several products”, the chief of the Chamber of Deputies added. "I pity him because I see that the image to which he aspires is shattered to pieces. Actually, Mr. Adrian Năstase lives his life bearing in mind that period in which the reign by terror and pressure was all that existed around him. We all have bitter memories of his period of glory, 2000-2004. He is nothing of what he used to be and he will never be. But this is a new position to which he accustoms himself with great difficulty and he still makes a lot of mess around him”, Roberta Anastase declared.

Anastase pro Elena Băsescu

She has defended her party colleague, Elena Băsescu. "A politician has a certain part of public life that one carries the entire life. This is what I do, this is what Elena will do, and it is connected to the catwalk and the fact that she has been a model”, Anastase declared about the President's daughter. Anastase has also drawn attention to the fact that "in the European Parliament and in the European institutions the name Băsescu opens many doors, and that is because he has a good image”.

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