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Ludovic Orban, the new liberal prime vice-president, is certain of the fact that the new liberal leader, Crin Antonescu, has 90% chances of winning the presidential elections this year, as "Traian Băsecu is irremediably compromised”, and Mircea Geoană "strengthens the label placed on him by Ion Iliescu at a certain moment (i.e. silly)”. Orban's statements were made in a press conference which took place last weekend in Ploieşti.

Ludovic Orban considers that "until the appearance of the house on Mihăileanu, people had no idea of the filth hidden under the presidential mat”. He thinks that Traian Băsescu represents "the quintessence of the transition politician, collaborator of the Security, a career opportunist who began to rise during the Communist regime, a person who became rich illicitly, a liar, a demagogue, a subject of numerous corruption cases”. Ludovic Orban considers that the Romanian people does not want to hear any more of these characters and believes that "people need hope, and a refreshment of the stale air of public life”, the one capable of providing all these being Crin Antonescu.
"Crin Antonescu is the opposite of Băsescu. He is a simple, ordinary person who has built his career on his own, who has never been the subject of penal cases” and "with each day that passes, Antonescu wins”, Orban stated. The social-democrat leader was also placed under a magnifying glass and analyzed by the former Minister of Transportation Thus, Mircea Geoană was presented as a person who "strengthens the label placed on him by Ion Iliescu at a certain moment (i.e. silly)”, and, in Orban's opinion, the majority of the SDP members will nominate him for the presidential elections as this represents a great opportunity to remove him from the party leadership. Otherwise, the liberal prime vice-president is sure that "Geoană will suffer a terrible failure, especially since he himself does not seem to believe his won words”.


Constantin Săseanu, back in NLP

The former member of the National Democrat Christian Party, Constantin Săseanu, expressed his intention of returning to the National Liberal Party, which he left four years ago in order to follow the controversial character Florin Anghel. "I am pleased to return to where I belong”, the county councilor declared, adding that "I left, then, together with an entire team because I believed in a project which failed”. Four years ago, Constantin Săseanu followed Florin Anghel who chose to join the conservatories, and then, when he finally lost the party leadership to Daniela Popa, Anghel "revived” the National Democrat Christian Party. At the end of last year, Săseanu was the president of NDCP. As this political party was dissolved, three out of five county councilors joined the democrat-liberals, and Constatin Săseanu chose to return among the liberals, while Victor Petrescu remained independent.

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