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Sever Voinescu, member in the Chamber of Deputies External Affair Commission, has asked the authorities in Chişinău not to repress violent manifestations and to seriously treat the "fraud allegations” belonging to the opposition. "The Democrat-Liberal Party expresses its preoccupation with the manifestations in Chişinău and we do hope that the Moldavian authorities will treat them with maturity, in accordance with the European aspirations of the population”, declared Voinescu within a press conference. The democrat-liberal from Ploieşti thinks that the acts of violence which took place on Tuesday are the result of ten years of governing with great democratic deficiencies. "Mostly, the events emphasize a gap between the authorities in Chişinău and a part of the population. It is a new generation, young people hoping of a new European and democratic future for their country. It is necessary that any doubt regarding the fairness of the elections be eliminated and we ask the authorities in Chişinău to treat the allegations of the opposition referring to the elections seriously”, Voinescu stated. He made an appeal to both parties to avoid violence and asked the Moldavian officials not to repress violently the manifestations, as this could have severe long term effects on the external credibility of Moldavia. The Democrat-Liberal Party will try any political measure, including discussing within PPE, in order to contribute to the consolidation of an authentic democratic regime in Moldavia. "We do not interfere and we will not interfere in the internal affair of another state, but we cannot remain indifferent when such turbulences occur so close to Romania, the European Union and NATO” Sever Voinescu concluded.

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